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A Garage Door Sensor In West Bloomfield Protects Your Largest Entryway

If you’re similar to other West Bloomfield homeowners, your garage door is probably the most at risk entrances at your house. You might accidentally leave it up when you’re running late for work. Or it may not go down all the way after you take the trash out at the end of the day. Fortunately, you won’t go to work with it open when you install a West Bloomfield garage door sensor that’s connected with your home’s security.

By using a West Bloomfield garage door sensor you are able to:

● Inspect the status of your garage door through the ADT Control app

● Operate your garage door from anywhere in the world

● Receive updates on your phone when your garage door is in use

● Automatically close and lock your door according to a set schedule

● Incorporate with various types of overhead doors

ADT Mobile Control App in West Bloomfield

Operate Your Garage Door With Your Phone

If you’re rushing before leaving for work, you likely don’t want to sit around to confirm the garage door is closed before you drive off. But with your garage door sensor, you have the ability to check the door’s position when you have the opportunity using the ADT Control mobile app. In the event that you left it up, simply shut it with a touch of a button. If it’s a common habit, you can take advantage of the app features and program your West Bloomfield garage door sensor to bring the door back down a minute or two after it opened.

You Will Know In The Event Your Garage Door Opens

Know right away whenever your garage door goes up with a notification to your smartphone. You will see when your kids access the house via the garage after playing outside. You might also want to call and tell your significant other to begin cooking dinner after they park the car. In rare situations when you’re not anticipating the garage door to open, you can rapidly investigate what’s going on by viewing live footage from a home security camera.

ADT Security System Keyfob in West Bloomfield

Make Your West Bloomfield Garage Door Sensor Part of Your Your Home Defense

Your garage door sensor can be an important component of your West Bloomfield smart house. Your garage door may go up when a disaster like flooding or fire is discovered, providing an access point for first responders to bring in large equipment. In the event your security cameras find unexpected movements, your garage door sensor will trigger to make certain that the largest opening into your home is safely in a down position.

There’s also an option to let your garage door operate in accordance with voice commands through your AI assistant. Simply instruct your AI assistant that you're on your way out, and have your garage door lower as your locks engage and the home defense alarms initialize. You can also tell your smart speaker that you’re going to bed and have your connected smart home make sure all your alarms and components are working and ready to protect you overnight.

Get Your Garage Door Sensor When Planning Your West Bloomfield Home Defense

A garage door sensor can be an important add-on to your ADT home protection plan. By contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems, our dedicated staff will work hard to create the right package for your property. Just call us at (248) 266-4039 or complete the form on this page to get started.