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August 02, 2021

What Causes House Fires In West Bloomfield And Ways To Avert Them

When you own a home, one of the scariest dangers to your property and family members is the potential for a fire. The U.S. Fire Administration estimated in 2019 that American homeowners took on about $1.6 billion in costs as the result of unintentional or negligent fires. Sadly, fires are unpredictable and are often avoidable -- if you know where to look. And, fortunately, you are equipped with a monitored fire alarm that sends you aid immediately should you ever have an incident.

What Causes House Fires In West Bloomfield?

Fires can spark anywhere with no warning in the house. However, you can lower the danger of a house fire if you take countermeasures around the following household objects:

  • Stoves and Ovens: Cooking is the leading cause, by a huge margin, of a house fire in West Bloomfield. Kitchen-related flames typically begin when the kitchen goes neglected while cooking food. Water used on a grease fire will escalate a flame that would on the other hand be easily handled.

  • Candles: Going to sleep in a room with a burning candle is risky, even if you’re using a recessed candle holder. The flame can blow and catch a curtain ablaze if left near a window, and a dog or cat can bump into candles while exploring. The National Fire Protection Association approximates that more than 7,600 properties were damaged due to candle-related fires between 2014-2018.

  • Electrical wires: Corroded electrical circuit interrupters, “tamper-resistant” electrical outlets, malfunctioning or improperly set up lighting, and split lamp cords can all cause a fire. Be careful not to overload your outlets or plug anything in with uncovered wiring. If for any reason you hear popping or detect smoke from the outlet, flip the breaker off prior to checking it out.
  • Space Heaters: Avoid coiled space heaters because junk, like dust, old papers, or covers can find their way in and alight. However, you should also check on fan and ceramic space heaters whenever the device is in use.
  • Cigarettes: Just in 2014, U.S. fire departments fought blazes in more than 17,000 residence fires triggered by cigars, pipes, or cigarettes. So if you have a smoker who partakes inside, ensure they never pass out with a cigarette or lay in bed with one. And fully snuff out your tobacco items prior to placing it into a trash can.

A Monitored Smoke Detector Can Can Helps When It Senses A Fire

If a fire does start, you have to have an early detection system to notify your family members as soon as possible. A traditional smoke alarm could suffice but is only able to alert you if smoke is abundant. A state-of-the-art fire alarm -- a security device that's pair with your home security devices -- is able to discover both smoke and excess heat and is better equipped to ensure everyone’s safety.

A monitored fire alarm has multiple methods by which it can inform you of a fire. Your alarms can alert your family with an ear-piercing siren and a notification to your cell phone. Then your 24/7 monitoring experts gets a hold of the fire department. And if you find yourself somewhere in which you’re unable to get back in time when a fire blazes, you can be reassured that your monitoring agent can help coordinate communication between you and first responders.

Get Your Monitored Fire Alarms From Secure24 Alarm Systems

The chance of house fires in West Bloomfield should never be written off, but you can rest assured if you use a monitored fire alarm in your home. Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems, and we’ll help you place all the fire alarms you need with a state-of-the-art home security system. Call (248) 266-4039 or fill out the form below to get your home security system.