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August 27, 2020

What To Ask About When Buying A New Home Security Camera In West Bloomfield

Most home security systems use at least one home security camera in West Bloomfield. However, with many different brands and features for cameras, it's hard to know what’s really important in a camera. Do you get one from a retail store and set it up yourself? Or should you to get your cameras installed by a pro? Should you ask for one that live streams in full HD? And what's better, an exterior camera attached to the overhang or a doorbell camera?

To answer these questions and other common concerns, here is what you should look for in a West Bloomfield home security camera.

Three types of security cameras in West Bloomfield

3 Types Of Home Security Cameras in West Bloomfield

There are mostly three different types of home security cameras in West Bloomfield. Each type has a special type of use and can easily be included with your home security system:

  • Outdoor home security camera: These types of cameras attach to the outside of your home to offer a wide view of your property, driveway, and common entryways.

  • Indoor home security cameras: Indoor cameras are fixed to a wall or are placed on a level surface, and primarily show a single room within your home.

  • Doorbell cameras: A doorbell camera replaces your old doorbell and lets you know who’s visiting.

What Makes A “Great” Security Camera In West Bloomfield?

Visit the security camera aisle in your local retail store, and you’ll discover that there’s a wide range of camera durability and features. Here’s a short list of what you should look for in your home security camera:

  • Wide field of vision: You’ll likely want your camera to see as much area as it can. Without a wide-angle lens, you have a higher chance of blind spots and places for intruders to hide. Look for cameras with at least a 140° to 180° field of vision.

  • Low-light vision: It doesn’t do you any good if your security cameras can’t record what’s going on in the dark. Look for a camera that includes infrared LEDs that provide nighttime light.

  • HD resolution: The days of pixelated shapes are behind you. Only look at cameras that record and livestream in 720 high-definition or higher.

  • Exceptional construction: Your outdoor security cameras need to be able to function when there’s poor weather like storms, heat, or frigid temperatures (some even have a built-in heater). Your interior cameras should absorb shock if they’re bumped or knocked to the floor.

  • Motion detection: Although you can set your cameras for a continual record, that takes a lot of power and recording space. Instead, try to find a security camera with motion detectors that starts automatically recording when it perceives movement.

  • Two-way communication: The best doorbell cameras have an intercom system, which makes it easy to communicate with guests or delivery people without coming to the door. However, similar 2-way audio functionality is nice capability with indoor or outdoor cameras, too.

  • Wireless capabilities: A wireless camera can go almost anywhere on or inside your house, and is easy to move if if you’d like to position it elsewhere. Wireless placement is typically more common than wiring your camera directly into your electric wiring.

  • A simple mobile app: What good is a security camera if it’s difficult to use? Explore cameras that include a mobile app that allows you to view live streaming in HD, record and email clips, and receive alerts when your cameras sense movement. It’s nice when your mobile app also controls your complete security and home automation system.       

Is It Better To Have Your Home Security Cameras Installed By A Professional?

Once you have learned what’s important for you in a residential security camera, it’s time to decide if you should get your cameras [[professionally installed|installed by a pro|installed by a professional. If you’re good with tools, you may see if you can DIY a solution. But if you don't know the best places for your cameras, or have questions about the equipment, it’s better to get professional installation. Experts, such as Secure24 Alarm Systems, can hang your cameras for ultimate security and connect your cameras to the mobile app. You may also explore professional installation if your security cameras integrate with a comprehensive residential security system.

Buy The Best Home Security Cameras in West Bloomfield With Secure24 Alarm Systems

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